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Mobile Location Protocol


Table of Contents

1. Summary,Purpose
2. Background of MLP
3. Introduction of MLP
3.1. Overview of MLP
3.2. Structure of MLP
3.3. Extension mechanism of MLP
4. Features of MLP
5. Function of MLP
5.1. Communication between GMLC and LCS Client
5.2. Communication between GMLC and OSA/Parlay
6. Related Protocols and Platforms
7. Usage of MLP
8. Conclusion
A. References

List of Figures

2.1. General Arrangement of LoCation Service (LCS)
3.1. MLP structure
5.1. The MLP serves as the interface
5.2. A General arrangement of LCS with inter-GMLC
5.3. Mobile Location Services architecture
5.4. Geocoding Web Service Architecture[5]
7.1. Locus A-MLC system
7.2. Geometrix System Operation
7.3. The steps of the Geometrix Syetem operation

List of Tables

1. Acronyms used in this document

Table 1. Acronyms used in this document

AOAAngle of Arrival
CoPLCotrol Plane Location
E-CIDEnhanced Cell Identity
ELISEmergency Location Immediate Service
ELRSEmergency Location Reporting Service
E-SMLCEvolved Serving Mobile Location Center
GERANGSM EDGE Radio Access Network
GMLCGateway Mobile Location Center
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications
HLISHistoric Location Immediate Service
HLRHome Location Register
HSSHome Subscriber Server
LBSLocation Based Service
LMULocation Measurement Unit
LCSLoCation Service
MLPMobile Location Protocol
MLSMobile Location Service
MMEMobility Management Entity
MSCMobile Switching Center
OMAOpen Mobile Alliance
OSAOpen Service Access
PMDPseudonym mediation device functionality
PPRPrivacy Profile Register
SASStand-alone SMLC
SCSService Capability Server
SGSNServing GPRS Support Node
SLIS Standard Location Immediate Service
SLPSUPL Location Platform
SLRSStandard Location Reporting Service
SMLCServing Mobile Location Center
SS7Signaling System #7
SUPLSecure User Plane Location
TLRSTriggered Location Reporting Service
UEUser Equipment
UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System
U-TDOAUplink Time Difference of Arrival
UTRANUniversal Terrestrial Radio Access Network
VMSCVisited Mobile Switching Center