Documentation by Jie CAI.

Chapter 8. Conclusion

This documentation contains some information about MLP protocol including its functions, features, usages and some other related protocols and platforms.

Mobile Location Protocol (MLP) is a standardized protocol which is the most frequently used in mobile location systems, in Location Based Services (LBS). It is designed to interconnect Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC) with Location Service Providers. The Location Service Providers have their own Location Based Platforms. Subscribers could get the location informations through the use of these platforms. The communication between the Location Based Platform and the mobile network is based on MLP.

But there are few independent implementations of MLP in the market now. Most companies provide Location Based Platforms with other interfaces like OSA/Parlay. The MLP Hub by TeleCommunication Systems is the only pure MLP solution found. And there is no opensource implementation of MLP found too.

MLP is an application protocol carried in HTTP or SOAP. It just report the location informations of mobile devices from Mobile Network to LCS clients (Location Services Providers) no matter of the structure of Mobile Network and no matter how Mobile Network get the position. And this location data could be used for variety social applications, for example fleet management and hospital emergency.